SCSE 20 January 2011 Report

We had a decent turnout for the 20 January 2011 inaugural salon for the fledgling Southern California Sound Ecology. Attending, but not performing, were Nick Antonio, Alicia Byer, and Rychard Cooper. After a general discussion about acoustic ecology, we agreed to meet on a quarterly basis, and that the Southern California Soundscape Ensemble would function as the “house band” for subsequent meetings and salons.

Bach riffing on Acoustic Ecology

For the premiere performance of SCSE, we had: Glenn Bach, j.frede, shea M gauer, Jorge Martin, Alan Nakagawa , Jasmine Orpilla, Michael Raco-Rands, Marco Schindelmann (and Joseph Richard Negro via remote link).

jfrede cueing up some sounds.

I recorded both sets, and one of them will be included in a forthcoming release on MPRNTBL, tentatively titled “Live at {open}.” Stay tuned for updates on a release date.


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