SCSE at Soundwalk 2011

Southern California Soundscape Ensemble will perform an improvised five-hour soundscape concert at Soundwalk 2011, October 1, in downtown Long Beach. Our ideal location is the Art Park at Elm & Broadway, although we will find out our actual site assignment after the Meet & Greet on August 14. Following is the text of the proposal sent during the submission process:

“The Soundscape of Soundwalk”

Southern California Soundscape Ensemble will perform a five-hour continuous improvisation of unprocessed field recordings gathered from various Southern California sites, with a particular focus on the sounds of Soundwalk.  We will dip into a library of audio recordings of past Soundwalk events along with recordings captured throughout the village on the night of Soundwalk 2011.  The result will be an immersive sonic portrait of Soundwalk and the East Village, past and present.

Volumes will be low to moderate, and individual ensemble musicians will come and go throughout the evening.  As attendees make their way through the park, they will pass each node of sound at different stages of audition. Each passerby will thus experience a unique and unpredictable mix from an elastic palette of sonic information.


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