SCSE at Soundwalk 2011

Alan Nakagawa and SCSE fans.

SCSE performed two sets at Fingerprints as part of Soundwalk 2011 in Long Beach, California. The new(ish) venue for Fingerprints is a beautiful building shared with Berlin, the downtown coffeehouse run by Portfolio owner Kerstin Kansteiner.

Michael Raco-Rands and Marco Schindelmann.

We set up on and around the stage in the back of the store, with Alan, Jorge, Michael, Marco and myself for a subdued 6 PM set. Informed by the staff that our sounds were barely heard beyond the stage area, we “cranked it up” for the 8 PM set, this time joined by Shea and his portable, wearable PA. “Cranked” is a relative term, as our set hovered at the quieter end of the spectrum.

Stay tuned for info about the recordings from this event.

Jorge Martin in the (floor) zone.

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