Alan Nakagawa awarded CCF Fellowship

SCSE member Alan Nakagawa has been awarded a $20,000 mid-career Fellowship by the California Community Foundation. We are very proud of Alan and the great work that he does.

Archived Video of SCSE on Ear Meal

Click on the microphone for archived video of the performance.

Southern California Soundscape Ensemble performed a 30-minute improvised set of field recordings on the webcast series Ear Meal. The video of the performance can be found here.

SCSE outside in the downtown L.A. night.
SCSE outside in the downtown L.A. night.

We had to abandon our plans to set up shop inside the “Downtown Artist Studio” in downtown L.A., spreading out instead in the back patio between buildings. While not as picturesque as we had hoped, we made the best of it and delivered a performance that lasted exactly 30 minutes (the length of the webcast).

Marco and Michael.
Marco and Michael.

Participants this time included Glenn Bach, shea M gauer, Jorge Martin, Alan Nakagawa, Michael Raco-Rands, and Marco Schindelmann.

Alan in the
Alan in the “green room.”

Thanks to Alan for hosting Ear Meal and to Mark Walsh of LA Artstream for the opportunity.

Shea + potted plant.
Shea + potted plant.
Jorge + gear.
Jorge + gear.

More images can be found on the SCSE Flickr page.

SCSE at Soundwalk 2011

Alan Nakagawa and SCSE fans.

SCSE performed two sets at Fingerprints as part of Soundwalk 2011 in Long Beach, California. The new(ish) venue for Fingerprints is a beautiful building shared with Berlin, the downtown coffeehouse run by Portfolio owner Kerstin Kansteiner.

Michael Raco-Rands and Marco Schindelmann.

We set up on and around the stage in the back of the store, with Alan, Jorge, Michael, Marco and myself for a subdued 6 PM set. Informed by the staff that our sounds were barely heard beyond the stage area, we “cranked it up” for the 8 PM set, this time joined by Shea and his portable, wearable PA. “Cranked” is a relative term, as our set hovered at the quieter end of the spectrum.

Stay tuned for info about the recordings from this event.

Jorge Martin in the (floor) zone.